Introducing the New Rover J GFT from Biesse

The Rover J GFT is the new innovation from Biesse made specifically for the Indian market. Rover J GFT is an ARM based CNC router built with Biesse’s Italian technology but made to suit typical Indian applications. The machine is a flat table CNC with a gantry structure.

The machine is resistant, strong and suitable for many applications like carving on solid wood, MDF panels, nesting of furniture components, kitchen shutters and carcasses and processesing solid wood and flush doors. The machine is also capable of processing ACP (aluminium composite panels) used extensively for building claddings and also can be used to make signage /process acrylic.

Machine Features / Highlights
The machine is available with two configurations of the working table: either 8 feet by 4 feet or 10 feet by 5 feet.

Electrospindle/ Router Options:

  • 4.5 kW HSD spindle with manual tool changing 1,000-24,000 rpm
  • 9.0 kW ISO30/HSK F63 1,000-24,000 rpm
  • 7.5 kW HSK F50 1,000-32,000 rpm

Tool Presetter
Device for contact measurement of tool length.

Tool Changer
The machine can be available with 6 or 7 positions depending on the working table size.
Remote Device:
-               Controls the axes
-               Linear circular interpolation
-               Roughing, engraving 2D/3D
-               3D text
-               Controls rpm of the spindle during machining
-               Feed rate over-ride

Reference Stops with mechanical lowering.

Brushless Motors: Two on X-axis for precise machining.

The machine can be available with Biesse’s ICAM software to manage the following:
-               engraving (3 axes)
-               relief finishing (3 axes)
-               from image to 3d relief
-               3D surfaces
-               formats supported : STL (3D) , WRML 2.0 (3D) , DXF (2D)
-               automatic or manual nesting with tabbing management
-               post processor supporting ALPHACAM / ART CAM available



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