Jai’s (Semi-Auto) Double Head Boring Machine

Adequate maintenance is a crucial factor for the long life of the machine (J-2102.in) and to provide conditions for its optimal working. All maintenance operations must be done with the machine turned off and personnel wearing protective gloves.

The machine and working area must be kept clean from working scrap and anything that could hamper the working cycle or access to the machine itself.

The machine must be cleaned to ensure that material not needed does not gather on it. This could prevent safe operations and can cause danger to the operator during the normal working cycle.

Sliding guides, sliding bars and movement screws must be kept clean from working residues that can prevent correct machine movement and could hinder efficiency. Do not use detergents or lubricants.

Make sure the machine is lubricated regularly. Grease the drilling head through the grease nipple.

 Check the electric system safety by checking on the condition of the electric cables and make sure there are no signs of wear, scrapes, etc.

Check the clamping of the various mechanical components. Check the air pressure and ensure that the air supply is 6 kg/cm². Check the lubricant oil level in the air filter and top up if necessary.




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