No smoke signals from Hepo

Hepo in collaboration with the German brand, Blaupunkt has launched its latest collection of premium kitchen appliances.

Aesthetic, built-in kitchen mechanisms, engineered to save space, have bred a substantial number of concepts in the recent past. This interest has led to revolutionary changes in the contemporary kitchen, with the traditional space consuming appliances being replaced by new, sleek & technically suave inbuilt appliances.

The range includes cooker hoods, inductions hobs, gas hobs, built-in ovens, built-in microwave ovens, built-in dishwashers & built-in refrigerators suited for Indian style cooking and conditions.

Built-in hoods by Hepo is an aesthetically appealing product that, besides adding charm to the destined area, enhances the health quotient by sucking away undesired smoke and fumes that are emitted from the kitchen applications.

Hepo offers 4-hood based air treatments catering to the different positions in the kitchen interiors. They are wall/ceiling fan/Island hood & flat hood. Eighteen different designs have been provided to meet individual requirements.

Island hoods placed over Island kitchens are a complete delight. Ceiling hoods mounted on the ceiling of the kitchen provides for the complete extraction of smoke and fumes from the room.  Wall hoods, as the name suggests, are typically mounted on to the walls where they fit discreetly in the units above the hob.

Mesh and baffle filters installed in the hoods prevent the spread of grease and smoke. The long-lasting, low-energy consuming Eco Engine runs with minimum sound and removes combustion products, fumes, smoke, odours, heat and steam from the air through a process of filtration and expulsion.

The recirculation and exhaust air mode are the two modes of extraction and the hoods come prefixed with features like electronic control for precision adjustment fan power. A range of hoods in various sizes ranging from 60 cm to 118 cm in stainless steel, angled glass design, and stainless steel and black glass finishes are available.



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