The ultimate in material handling

Due to increased demands, labour cost and production lead times the modern industries now slowly adopting automation and other advanced material handling technologies that helps improve the overall productivity of the factory.

Un-palletised load, for instance, not only make it difficult to move, it consumes more time involving additional labour. Improper work flow and unstandardized activities results in increased production lead time, which affects the utilization of the machines/ resources.

To help solve such issues related to material handling there are wide variety of material handling equipment available for each applications. For proper handling of any material, every load should be palletised thus making it easy to move or handle.

The following equipment is used for material handling in any industry:

•         Elevating dock and dock leveller for loading/unloading from a vehicle

•         Scissor lifts/ Slim lifts for machine feeding (beam saw machine, sanding machine, CNC machine, glue spreader machine feeding & receiving)

•         Pallet trucks to move load/ pallets within the factory

•         Goods lift to move goods between floors

•         Reach up for overhead maintenance.

The Mysuru-based Ferro Foundries is one of India’s leading material handling equipment & plywood machinery manufacturer. It provides material handling solutions under the Ferro Tiger brand that helps increases productivity, reduce labour dependency and improves safety for both men and material.

Among Ferro Tiger’s prominent customers are Century Ply, Merino Industries, Greenply, Featherlite, Herman Miller, Everest Ply, Uniply, Austin Ply, Greenlam, Rock Worth, Crystal Furniture, Zuari Furniture, Sharon Ply, Biesse, MAS Furniture, Hunsply and Pyramid Timber Associates.



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