ControllerMES monitors all manufacturing

Optimum production processes are not a matter of company size.

The digitalization of the wood and furniture industry requires control of production planning and organization to ensure efficient production processes, optimal data quality, and absolute transparency.

This new business area is what Homag is focusing of through its”Homag Consulting and Software” arm that develops tailor-made software solutions. ControllerMES, the manufacturing execution system from the division enables an integrated information flow within production and at the same time offers the option of digitalized production planning and organization.

The data is first created in an upstream design software such as woodCAD|CAM and transferred to ControllerMES. This ensures that there are no data processing errors. Labels with barcodes enable the unique identification of each component- regardless of its current stage of production.

The machine data required is supplied to the relevant machine through the reading of barcodes. Waste is reduced thanks to the flexible grouping of jobs in batch formation and the seamless communication with the Cut Rite cutting optimization software.

The progress of the jobs can be viewed in ControllerMES throughout the entire production process. This means that you can see at a glance whether individual furniture components are ready for assembly or can be delivered to the construction site. And if a part has to be reworked or reproduced quickly, the predetermined logic in ControllerMES helps with this process.



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