New-age edge banding from SCM

The integration with Maestro Connect to analyse data from SCM technologies grants instant access to a wide range of services.

The SCM Group is the global leader in technologies for machining a wide range of materials. Flexibility, integration and automation are the cornerstones of its new ‘Stefani Cell’ range, designed and developed to fully interpret and meet the demands for efficiency, high production and customisation.

The edge bander or squaring edge bander machine is integrated into cells and plants fitted with rollers, panel return devices, automatic loading and unloading systems, assisted by robots and fitted with IoT sensors to guarantee immediate digital services in support of an optimal functioning of the machine.

‘Stefani Cell-E’ is for machining pre-squared panels; ‘Stefani Cell-S’ for machining panels to be squared and semi-automatic feed; ‘Stefani Cell-H/H+’ ensures high productivity for machining panels, pre-squared or to be squared and with automatic feed.

The range’s software has also been modernised with Maestro Active edge and Maestro Active watch, the new supervisor with HMI and shared structure with all the SCM machines.

Of fundamental importance is also the integration with Maestro Connect, the system for collecting and analysing the data from SCM technologies which, thanks to the constant analysis of the data being produced by the machines, grants instant access to a wide range of services such as remote technical support with augmented reality glasses, the purchase of spare parts on-line, predictive maintenance and numerous other services to considerably increase the effectiveness and efficiency of its production plant. 

Stefani Cell-E is the “entry level” cell in the range, for edge banding previously squared panels. It combines the advantages of a customised production and large volumes with a compact overall design and, above all, with an accessible investment even for SMEs.

The multiple configurations available allow for each specific need to be covered in terms of productivity and machining. Feeder, robot or additional movements can be combined to offer maximum flexibility and customisation.

Stefani Cell-S is the “all-in-one” square-edging cell designed for mid-range investments with the aid of a single operator to provide clear business advantages from the outset, especially companies focusing on a semi-intensive production and/or with varying production batches.

It is compact and efficient, with a single operator and a cell of just 85 square metres in its basic configuration, it allows for work to be done on parts coming both from the pre-measured and squared nesting cycle and from the sheet cutting, and which therefore require the parallelism/squaring to be reset.

Stefani Cell-H/H+ are the new edge banding and squaring-edge banding cells capable of bringing together all these advantages under one solution. The cells can be configured with different kinds of panel feeder systems (semi-automatic or fully automatic) and are structured according to technical solutions, level of investment and efficiency and are designed to guarantee both industrial level production volumes as well as maximum diversification of the production batch.

It ensure 100% efficient machining of components for furniture items for every part of the home (kitchens, living rooms, sleeping areas, bathrooms, wardrobes and studies) with considerable advantages.

Instant availability of machining information, even on mobile devices, relating to each single panel, wherever it is in the cycle is possible, thanks to the continuous tracking provided by the supervision software.



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