Aristo covers space, floor to ceiling

Modern day living means that we are looking at spaces that are significantly smaller, and for reasons such as the lack of domestic help, working lifestyles and so on.

The question that arises is what Aristo seeks to answer: how, in the limited space that we have, does one store all the various collections we own, and yet maintain some semblance of an organised home?

Aristo Reflections is a floor-to-ceiling, smart storage wardrobe solution. Such large wardrobes are not a new invention, but they have become increasingly prevalent in the last few years, as they are extremely suited to the modern home.

More storage is the reason for the popularity of the floor-to-ceiling concept. These wardrobes are 10 feet in height and are aesthetically designed, with a single loft shutter that ensures continuity in design.

Aristo Crystal wardrobe, as the name implies, have shutters made of clear glass to ensure visibility into the inner spaces. The slim design and horizontal lines make the Aristo Latitude wardrobe look uber-chic and perfect for a modern home.

As space is usually one of the main constraints in most homes, these wardrobes circumvent this issue by sliding open, rather than swinging out into the room.

The Aristo Classical wardrobe have European groves, mirrors and chequer designs to give it a classical look, while the Aristo Impressions wardrobe allows you to print and customise them.



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