Biesse’s Sophia IoT platform gets eyeballs

Visitors to IndiaWood were able to experience its state-of-the-art technologies for wood processing, integrated with and supported by software and services for the automation and digitalisation of the factory.

Among the new developments on display this year were the latest Biesse machines like the new robust panel saw, edge banding series with a wide range of machines, Skipper 100 CNC horizontal boring machine for sandwiched panels, Rover A with 5-axes head with continuous interpolation, and SetUp assistant which offers foolproof work table settings.

There was the Rover S-FT flat table CNC for nesting of panels, and the very popular Rover Gold machine with advanced options like the bPad and bTouch interface developed by Biesse.

These are machines guided by software to manage the various needs, and able to carry out work in pre-determined times, but always with the same standard of quality.

Biesse was also proud to demonstrate for its clients all of the features of Sophia, Biesse’s IoT (Internet of Things) platform, created in collaboration with Accenture Consulting, which provides its clients access to a wide range of services for simplifying and rationalising the management of their work.

It is based on a connection to a cloud service and to special sensors applied to Biesse machines. The information and data on the technologies in use can be recorded and sent in real time to optimise performance, prevent malfunctions, and increase the productivity of machines and systems.

In addition, the direct connection to Parts, the Biesse replacement parts portal, and the chance to upgrade software with just a few clicks, provides clients with everyday work tools that can simplify a host of tasks.

The main value of Sophia is the power of its predictive nature: the ability of this technology to provide a vision of the future, anticipating issues that may arise, identifying solutions, and improving performance.

The IoT features within the platform guarantee a significant increase in productivity, thanks to a process of constant, accurate, and comprehensive analysis and reporting on manufacturing performance.



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