Prime plywood solutions from Chopal Engineering Pvt. Ltd.

Directors’ special (L-R): Messrs. Gaurav Chopal, Ankkit Chopal and Ashish Chopal.

Chopal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. is showcasing its entire range of plywood manufacturing machines during DelhiWood 2023. These machines help in the production of export quality plywood – without any over or core gap in the plywood.

Chopal Engineering Pvt. Ltd. Core Veneer Composer, Vertical Panel Jointer, L-Shape Composing Machine, L-Shape Panel Jointer, Edge Cutting Machine, Falli Jointer Machine, Fully automatic DD Saw and the Bolt model Peeling Machine also help bring down production costs.

Chopal Engineering is focused on automation and improving the quality of plywood with new generation machines, such as like automatic composers, automatic DD saw, calibrator and composing lines. The machines can help save labour cost by up to 75%.

Chopal Engineering products are based on international standards, with higher durability and lower maintenance requirements. The user interface is quite easy for operations. Many of these precision-engineered, high-performance and low-maintenance woodworking machines are exported to several countries.

European technology is used to handle different processes involved in the manufacturing. Chopal Engineering uses branded products for its CNC Lathe Machine, Milling Machine, CNC Plasma Machine, MIG Welding Machine and Plano Miller Machine. This range is known for its sturdy construction, and availability in the market at competitive prices.

Mr Gaurav Chopal, Director, Chopal Engineering Pvt. Ltd., strongly believes that “quality and after-sales service is the best business plan”. The company’s technical support is provided by engineers professionally trained abroad.

This makes customers of Chopal Engineering the best plywood manufacturers in India. “Stay in touch with us during DelhiWood,”



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