Leadermac Machinery celebrates 50th anniversary

Leadermac Machinery, the leading machinery company from Taiwan, recently celebrated its 50th anniversary with a get-together of distinguished guests from industry, government and academia.

Its 30-odd customers and sub-contractors from across the globe joined the event. Leadermac is a world-class 4-side moulder manufacturer and sells its products to 62 countries, including India.

Leadermac made a breakthrough and displayed its new 4-side moulder whose speed has increased to 400 metres per minute (old speed 24 metres per minute). The new machine is equipped with cooling systems to prevent it from overheating because of high-speed feeding.

Michael Chang, CEO of Leadermac, announced the company had won the 25th ‘Rising Star Award’ from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and the 21st ‘Golden Hand Award’ from the Taichung City Government. All the components Leadermac uses for its machines have the ‘Green Power’ logo.



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