Grabos make manual lifting easy

EuroTech Vertriebs GmbH, the company that develops and produces customer-specific vacuum systems and components for automated handling tasks, has introduced its latest hand-lifting products: the eT-Grabo-NemoPro and the eT-Grabo-Otto, for exclusively smooth surfaces.

Both devices score with high ergonomics and are easy and reliable to operate. Bulky loads can be handled better and are therefore easier on the back and joints.

The eT-Grabo-NemoPro has been designed especially for professional continuous use. It has a narrower and more ergonomic handle bar, a digital (instead of analogue) pressure display, and automatic regulation of the suction air rate to maintain the vacuum.


The display of the eT-Grabo-NemoPro shows in PSI (pounds per square inch) or bar shows how strong the vacuum is and what carrying capacity can be achieved with it. Its intelligent control system remembers the optimum adhesion force and automatically returns to it.

This increases safety and saves time and energy.

Depending on the surface and attachment point, the eT-Grabo-NemoPro holds up to 170 kg. It sticks to smooth, textured, porous and even damp surfaces made of glass, metal, wood, natural stone, concrete, plaster drywall, ceramics, vinyl and much more.

The versatile device comes in a practical transport bag with a seal, a battery and several adapters for different countries.

The eT-Grabo-Otto is lighter, smaller and handier than the eT-Grabo-NemoPro and holds up to 68 kg. In size and handling, it is reminiscent of the manual suction lifters used in the glass trade, but is more practical.

Its special orientation on smooth surfaces makes it the ideal tool for smart glaziers when it comes to easy and ergonomic lifting. Like the eT-Grabo-NemoPro, it also features an intelligent pressure loss sensor.

Furthermore, the eT-Grabo-Otto is distinguished by a battery compartment for standard AAA batteries – which are available universally.



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