High-performance edge bander from Woodtech

The Rapidedge-706 through-feed edge bander is a fully automatic machine with pre-milling, up-gluing, servo control pressing and pneumatic end cutting. In addition it has servo control trimming, 1mm 2mm switch tracking, servo control scraping, and flat scraping and buffing.

Special features:

•        Through feed edge bander “miniaturisation” equipment with complete function and excellent performance

•        The length of machine is only 5.8 metres, effectively saving space

•        Equipped with servo auto adjustment band craft, banding efficiency is improved greatly

•        Reserved PUR terminal, more flexible

•        High-quality banding and intelligent processing to meet customer needs

•        Servo adjustment banding craft for different auto adjustment units, reducing testing time to improve banding effect

•        Auto switch cutter tools: one-click change craft, intelligent efficiency

•        Equipment circuit strictly designed according to CE (European Union) standard

•        Dual station auto switch of tracking units: Auto change according to the panel thickness, double-station edge bands can be alternative.

Additional features

•        Pre-milling mechanism, large diameter diamond cutter, total power 20.73 kW, maximum pre-milling height of 60 mm; milling surface ripple and expansion material, edge bander effect is better. The milling surface size is ≥120mm

•        Upper gluing system: Rapidly melts glue within 15 minutes, can switch quickly light and dark color glue and glue box. Pre-melting: quickly pre-melt glue, ensure glue application (can store 5 kg glue), including auto glue adding unit, PUR available

•        Use cotton polishing wheel to clean panel that was processed well, enables panel to be more smooth and cleaning.




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