Altendorf’s edge bander guarantees quality

The K34 edge bander is an innovative new machine that produces reliably and is very easy and handy to operate. Further, any type of finishing equipment can be used with it.

Touted as the pinnacle in edge banding, the K34 sets new standards in multitasking and ease of operation. The feature-packed edge bander has several unique features including a transparent, easy-to-use 15-inch screen control and several more user-friendly features for greater output and performance.

In addition, it is an individually configurable, durable and low-maintenance machine.

Technical features

• Feed speed: 15 m/min

• Edge thickness: 0.4mm to 3mm/ up to 8mm optional on the K series

• Integrated glue-changing device

• Easy changeover of glue colour or glue type with the same glue pot


• Interchangeable glue pot can be heated in 6 minutes

• Corner rounding with 0.8-mm edge bands

• Optional zero-joint technology

• Edge band with PVC, ABS, acrylic, veneer, etc.

• 15-inch LED touchscreen that is user friendly

• Easy-to-read display with integrated 3D feature

• Revolving and tilting control options

• USB interface

• Meter and running time counter. Eco mode for power saving

Optional add-on features

Airtronic ensures a joint-free appearance using hot-air technology and allows for an easy switch between EVA, PUR or AirTronic in your edge banding machine without the need for tools and effortless perfect the finished result.

Pre-coated edges are symbolically “fused” with your panel materials using a high-temperature nozzle to create a homogenous surface that leaves nothing to be desired.

This takes just 3 minutes to heat up and only requires changing the edge channel. By selecting the programme on the display, you can easily store and retrieve different parameters and settings for various suppliers.

The automatic glue pot refilling system consists of a large storage tank for up to 5kg of granules ensures maximum efficiency. The glue pots are filled automatically so that even high cycle times can be easily handled without the need for manual filling.

An additional changeover quick heating pot can change colour and adhesive more quickly using an additional glue pot. Thanks to a short heating time of just 6 minutes, you can work even faster.

The glue pot holders provided make handling your second or third glue pot even easier.



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