Profile wrapping, laminating from Cefla

The specialist brand from Cefla Finishing for profile wrapping and laminating solutions, Düspohl Maschinenbau, designs and assembles profile wrappers, laminating lines, slitting machines and parquet presses applying new technologies to ensure efficiency and quality.

•        AutoCut is an automatic reel-slitting equipment designed to process paper, plastic films, sandwich films, lightweight laminates, some textiles and metal foils. Speeds up to 150 metres/min.

It combines superior disc knife cutting performance with rapid set-up procedures and a hazard-free concept. Extensive machine automation avoids the need for qualified operators and ensures quality is consistent and reproducible.

Narrow friction winding shafts guarantee constant web tension for different widths. It also prints a QR code including data which can be read by the downstream profile wrapping machine (MultiWrap Wood) to establish the suitability of the reel for profile.

 Lamination equipment is easily integrated into complete panel lamination and wrapping lines, they process reels up to 1,400 mm in width and ensure high-quality gluing and work for a broad spectrum of substrate types and profile types.

Suitable for standard, high-gloss and ultrathin lamination materials, it can be used for furniture panels, caravan or boat interior surfaces. It processes U-shaped and L-shaped profiles, as well as J-pull handles, combining lamination and wrapping operations.

A high-quality hot glue application system doses glue carefully and ensures energy efficiency. The reel (both upper and lower) changeover mechanism is simple to use and operators also benefit from an auxiliary system to facilitate reel feed.



•        MultiWrap Wood processes profiles made of wood as well as MDF, HDF; door frames, picture frames, skirting boards, plinth panels and furniture parts. It provides ease-of-use, efficiency and minimal downtime.

Each single machine can be specifically configured according to individual customer requirements thanks to the modular concept. High-speed profile changeover, double unwinders, and improved tooling replacement for easier operator intervention.

A user-friendly control panel displays images for intuitive, language-free interaction with the machine. It reads the QR code printed on reel from the upstream slitting machine (AutoCut) to check suitability for each process.



•        Smartcoater PRO is the latest-generation roller coating machine featuring exclusive innovations for flat or slightly raised panels. It is equipped with a soft rubber application roller and a special pneumatic floating system to process poorly calibrated flat panels or panels with an up to 10mm groove.

The machine is able to apply a base coat to raised panels which allows you to install hybrid finishing lines made up of two roller coating stations and a spray coating machine for the top coat.

These features result in fewer handling operations, no intermediate sanding between base coats, and fewer abrasives, all leading to lower costs, less manual labour and reduced factory floor space.

Its transfer efficiency on roller coaters significantly reduces lacquer consumption and consequent solvent consumption. In addition, fewer rejects happen thanks to a built-in system using screw jacks and a pneumatic device to compensate poorly calibrated panels and maximise productivity.



•        Smartedge is a highly flexible integrated solution for painting and sanding straight and shaped panel edges. Used together with Smartvacuum, it enables companies to match the edge and surface finish perfectly.

It is an all-in-one edge processing solution for an uninterrupted flow of sanding and coating operations on one single machine incorporated into a vacuum coating line.

This facilitates faster time to market with fewer processing stages and fewer handling operations, all with a smaller overall footprint.

Because of the same application technique and the same lacquer used for surface and edge, it results in the same top-quality matching finish.

•        Smartvacuum is a cost-efficient, sustainable solution for edge finishing using vacuum technologies for 100% UV Acrylic paints. Used together with Smartedge, it enables companies to match the edge and surface finish perfectly.

It deposits 100/140g per sqm of 100% UV lacquer in a single step, thereby reducing coating stages, processing times and handling operations. The absence of solvents lead to a more sustainable process and eliminates related costs.

Combined with Smartedge, using the same vacuum technology, the result is a perfect match achieved in a streamlined process.



•        UV-I is an inert curing oven developed to complete a roller coating line using 100% UV lacquers that minimises the need for photoinitiators and reduces the unwelcomed yellowing effect that photoinitiators provoke.

The reduction of photo-initiators can vary between 40% and 70% with a relative reduction of lacquer costs. This greatly improves the sustainability of the process by minimising the presence of photo-initiators which are harmful to the environment.

With the same amount of photo-initiators in the lacquer, one benefit is the acceleration of the curing process, thereby lowering operating costs and leading to better productivity. It ensures simple, seamless integration into an existing roller coating line using 100% UV lacquers.



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