Digital production planning solution from Dürr

To make a smart factory a reality, machines and systems from all sub-areas must communicate with each other and end-to-end digitalization must be achieved.

The Dürr Group uses its manufacturing and digitalisation knowledge to combine hardware and software. Together, Dürr’s software specialists and the Group subsidiary, iTAC, have developed a modular solution for manufacturing planning, execution, control, monitoring, optimization, and predictive analysis.

Instead of monolithic individual solutions, the new manufacturing operations management (MOM) system relies on micro-services that provide functionality as required. The solution enables a high level of flexibility and consistency and offers many interfaces in terms of interoperability.

There are three central superordinate control components in every digital factory: MES (manufacturing execution system) controls and monitors production, SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) collects and analyses data, and HMI (human-machine interface) visualises production and process flow.

Until now, these components, for example, the MES sub-segment, were mostly designed as stand-alone solutions. Multiple micro-services act and communicate with each other while performing their tasks independently.

Unlike monolithic solutions, micro-services have self-sufficient data storage and open interfaces for communication with other services for flexible deployment. Only necessary modules are installed, making operation more sustainable.

The MOM architecture’s modular structure is also less error-prone than monolithic architectures, increasing plant availability. Another advantage of micro-services is they can be flexibly installed on IIoT platforms in the cloud, on-site (on-premises), or in hybrid factory deployments.

Manufacturing companies, whether manufacturers or suppliers, thus receive a future-proof industrial digitalisation solution with interoperable modules that cover all smart factory functionalities.



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