Fagus-GreCon showcases innovations

Fagus GreCon‘s EdgeInspect (L) detects defects such as broken edges, missing, or too short decorative strips, or breaks in edges. The GasAnalyser (R) determines formaldehyde emission of wood-based materials.

With its extensive investments in product development and services, fire protection and measuring technology specialist, Fagus-GreCon, presented many innovations at Ligna.

Digital transformation, increasing demands on efficiency, and the resource-conserving use of wood as a raw material is the driving force behind green materials processing.

With the aim of further development of inline thickness measurement, GreCon ThicknessControl focuses on the constantly increasing demands on measurement technology systems. The robust system enables measurements of almost the entire panel, even at high production speeds.

With GreCon GasAnalyser MC, the company presents its innovative product development for determining the formaldehyde emission of wood-based materials. Outstanding features are the considerably shortened testing times, improved operability and noticeably extended calibration intervals.

The full-surface measuring mat scanner, GreCon MatControl HF, is used for measuring the weight per unit area and detecting foreign bodies in the field of chipboard and fibreboard. In terms of efficiency and resource management, the focus was on optimising operating costs.

With the edge inspection system GreCon EdgeInspect, the company draws on its years of expertise in the field of scanner technology. EdgeInspect is a quality control system for furniture edges and door frames. It detects defects such as broken edges, missing, or too short decorative strips or breaks in edges.

In fire prevention, Fagus-GreCon has continued the digitalisation of its product portfolio. Following the intelligent detection technology IDT, it presented a maintenance-optimised extinguishing system with intelligent extinguishment technology IET.

An important aspect of its digitisation plans are the diagnostic properties of the systems that enable it to detect wear effects and prevent downtime and contribute to increased productivity.



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