New lighting, lift systems from Hafele

Hafele sets new standards with the launch of ConnectMesh, developed in-house for the individual control of light within interior spaces. The heart of the system is the specially developed ConnectMesh chip, which uses Bluetooth low energy technology to allow all system components to communicate wirelessly with each other by forwarding control information to other nodes via radio technology.

This module is also integrated into all Loox lighting control components. Thanks to extensive encryption, the system enables secure communication between many devices simultaneously.

The ConnectMesh app for mobile devices is used for simple and intuitive configuration and control of networks and lights. It uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly control the lights in the room from dimming and colour changing to pre-programmed scenarios from the same app, remote or switch.

The ConnectMesh system is future-proof with the ability to integrate smart devices and other Bluetooth functionality in a smart home environment in the future. Thanks to the plug-and-play design of Loox, the system can be added to existing installations easily at a later date.

The fittings of the Free family lift systems give flaps new freedom in movement. This opens up more opportunities in the visual and technical design of furniture, and has tangible benefits compared to hinged doors, including ease of installation and convenient operation.

They are slimmer (design), lighter (to operate) and simpler (to install). Free lift systems combine hinge and lid stay into one unit – this reduces the amount of space that the hardware requires in the cabinet.

The main focus while developing the range was on providing maximum ease to the user. All the lift systems are characterised by feather-light movement. They can be precisely coordinated to the individual flap weight so that the front panel is held in any position and the handle is always reachable.

An advantage is its globally unique simple and quick installation. From one-handed installation and screw fixing of the fittings to clip-on mounting of the flaps, all working steps are optimised in such a way that the installer saves a noticeable amount of time.

The lift systems includes FreeFold, FreeUp, FreeSwing, FreeFlap and FreeSpace, which covers all of the most popular types of opening for flaps on wall units.

The FreeUp parallel lift-up front fitting moves one-piece panels upwards and is ideally suited for cabinets with front panels above them. The FreeFlap hinge-less stay flap fittings have already made their mark in an impressive fashion.

FreeSpace is characterised by an extremely compact size that goes hand-in-hand with fine, understated yet distinctive designs. It eliminates the need for large cover caps and opens up new freedom for modern furniture design such as convenient flaps for shallow cabinet depths.

All Free lift systems come with an integrated soft close in both the opening and the closing direction. They can also be optionally equipped with an electric drive.



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