SCM adds 2 machines to its drilling range

Italian technology provider SCM has launched the Morbidelli CX110 and Morbidelli PWX500, expanding its drilling solutions to offer innovative and highly specialised responses to the needs of both craft businesses and the large-scale furniture industry.

The two new solutions are to be found at either end of the vast range of Morbidelli drilling machines: the CX110 model is mainly dedicated to companies that, regardless of their size and productivity volumes, desire a compact solution that is versatile, efficient and capable of solving all the critical issues of flexible machining.

The Morbidelli PWX500, on the other hand, is for large furniture manufacturers and contractors looking for high-speed, connected and integrated drilling solutions without sacrificing the quality of the finishing and precision.

The Morbidelli CX110 offers maximum flexibility in performing any kind of vertical and horizontal drilling in less than 8 square metres. The shaped clamp makes machining much easier because it drastically reduces the cases in which it is necessary to reposition the clamp, reducing the cycle times.

Another advantage is represented by RO.AX spindles fitted on the drilling heads, with a rotation speed that can reach 8,000 rpm, maintaining a very high finishing quality.

The operator can efficiently and easily manage Batch-1 drilling operations while having all the necessary tools always on board and benefiting from the advantages of an automatic six-position tool changer.

The accessibility and ease of loading and handling the pieces is another distinctive plus. The machine is also ideal for those who need to machine lacquered and delicate panels because the new worktable has been designed to avoid any kind of friction.

The new Morbidelli PWX500 is the ideal drilling solution for connected and integrated production and to achieve highly competitive production standards per shift on medium and large batches.

Production ability has increased by 10% compared to market standards. In fact, the drilling machine is able to work intensively over several shifts and is designed to significantly reduce tooling changes and other operations that cause unproductive time.

High productivity is guaranteed even by the automatic repositioning system which is completed in less than 45 seconds, including dowelling.

Reliability is another significant advantage: the system has been designed to have fewer moving components compared to standard ones, so fewer risks of damage over time.

This new drilling machine is also synonymous of high efficiency: indeed, it is the only one on the market to offer up to five rows of spindles on the right and left in order to reach the extremities of the panel to make structural holes according to different production needs.

Efficiency and high productivity combine with a considerable machining simplicity thanks to the optimiser software that controls the entire machine’s set up, the drilling steps and the integration of production lines consisting of several machines.

The new Morbidelli PWX500 is also extremely adaptable: the panel drilling occurs with a Flex transport and positioning system that automatically adapts to the work piece’s specifications, with the possibility of positioning the panel in one or more positions along Y axis.

The model can be highly customised: over 450 drilling tools can be fitted, 6+6 separate dowel insertion units, two work stations and different servo system levels.

As well as two new machines, SCM has integrated a new drilling software, Maestro 3Drill, to also apply the main advantages of Morbidelli numerically controlled programming software to drilling machines.

Some of its advantages include the possibility of directly importing three-dimensional solids with automatic recognition of the holes to be performed. This speeds up and simplifies the user’s programming experience.



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