Wemhöner gives wood the curve!

Preparations of a fresh batch for the 3D VarioPress.

Wemhöner is the world’s leading supplier of high-end 3D presses using foils, also popularly known as membrane presses. With a very high level of success as leading manufacturers of furniture and kitchen components, it also has, time and again, proven its capability in not only flat components but also very high curved, high depth, concave or convex components.

One such customer is LignoSmart Holztechnik Ltd. from Lübbecke (Germany) who  is a supplier to the furniture industry and produces concave, convex and wavy 3D furniture components based on thermoplastic foil lamination.

LignoSmart also supplies elaborately milled special components – a real specialist in this business!

The company started 20 years ago with one hall and manageable resources. Today, it is a medium-sized company with 14 employees and annual sales of € 2 million.

About 2,000 parts leave the production facility every week. The curved elements and fronts are shipped to well-known furniture manufacturers in the region, but they are also delivered within European borders.

There, the curved components are installed in bathrooms, kitchens, and designer or living room furniture. Reception desks and sales counters are also made from these individual elements.

The whole process is certainly artisanal and takes a lot of material knowledge and experience. The limits of the formability of the wood materials used cannot be overcome. At LignoSmart, work has been carried out on a new 3D VarioPress-coating system from Wemhöner in Herford, since January 2019.

“The system from Wemhöner has state-of-the-art control technology that allows precise adjustment of the various press parameters,” says Mr Björn Struckmeyer, Managing Partner at LignoSmart. “This enables us to coat even furniture parts with challenging shapes with thermo-plastic film and seal them permanently. This means that no moisture can penetrate later on at the customer’s site.”

LignoSmart is very successful in this niche area of the furniture industry. The company has reached this position through quality, punctuality and service, and also owes its success to Wemhöner’s highly reliable technology and machines.

In India too, the Wemhöner 3D VarioPress is a popular machine and is used by market leaders like Godrej & Boyce and Spacewood Furniture. The company  is represented in India by Nitshaw. For more information, write to marketing@nitshaw.com.



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