Wood Taiwan spotlight on sustainable machinery

Organised by the Taiwan Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA), Wood Taiwan 2023 will be held at Taipei Nangang International Exhibition Center (online from 4 April to 20 May; at site 2-7 April), echoing the theme, ‘Envision a Greener Future’.

From production to consumption, Wood Taiwan 2023 will showcase how wood is produced, processed and manufactured in the woodworking machinery industry, and how it is used in a sustainable fashion on the consumer end for environmental protection and energy conservation.

As a bio-resource, wood is also seen as a green material today. As the awareness of net-zero emissions and sustainability grows, wood, one of the few carbon-negative materials, becomes an indispensable resource.

According to Qin-Liang, senior consultant of TWMA, trees in primeval forests were cut down on a massive scale in recent decades, bringing destruction to primeval forests. In response to this, many countries imposed bans on cutting trees to protect woodlands.

But due to market demand, many regions such as North America have started to put forward plans for large-scale plantations, an attempt to meet the needs of the woodworking industry as well as consumers by taking advantage of man-made forests.

In light of this trend, woodworking machinery will play a crucial role in how to utilise such natural resources in a sustainable and effective manner. Wood Taiwan offers various solutions for maximising the utilisation rate of wood.

With woodworking machinery optimising the production line, the utilisation rate increases from 30% to 90%. Not only does this approach reduce the waste of raw materials, but it also improves the end products’ (furniture) sustainability.

Reducing waste

Among the highlights of the show will be the finger jointing system presented by Cheng Kuang Wood Machinery Works, which revolutionises the existing processing procedures.

In the past, only the middle part of a tree was taken out, leaving the rest of the tree wasted. Now, with the help of finger jointers, processed products such as wood bars can be made from wood residue instead of wood logs.

Another product that reduced wood waste is the smart mechanised nesting production line by Anderson Group. Logs are a finite resource and will eventually be depleted. It is therefore important to reuse wood waste and residue, and that is where woodworking machinery comes into play.

Smart mechanised nesting production line maximises the utilisation rate of wood, facilitates clients in transforming from traditional to digital production, increases capacity, and reduces manpower by leaving production work to machines.

Other essential production equipment for the system furniture industry includes the CNC machine centre of Lih Woei Carpentry Machine, panel saws of Tai Chan Machinery, edge banding machines of E-Chain Machinery, and boring machines of ABM Woodworking Machinery.

The CNC machine centre saves more energy compared to a traditional one. The motor on traditional machinery starts with full current output when turned on. However, CNC equipment, equipped with an inverter and the feature of detecting processing load, gives an appropriate value of current, which saves more than 40% of electric current compared to traditional machinery.

Moreover, CNC can be shut down right after it is done processing without having to stay on standby mode that wastes energy.

ABM Woodworking Machinery’s NC hinge boring machine and NC construction system boring machine will feature in Wood Taiwan. These are extremely user-friendly, where it only takes operators less than 10 minutes to familiarise themselves with the machines.

The next-gen automatic edge banding machines developed by E-Chain Machinery are multi-functional, automatic machines suitable for straight, inclined and partially inclined edges. They not only save energy, but also improve work efficiency.

Tai Chan is one of the leading manufacturers of PC control high speed panel saw. It has developed twin pusher system with optimised cut function and in-feed system.

Panel saws are used not only for wood processing, but also for processing

and cutting a wide range of materials. They are the best energy-saving solution that has better performance, stability, capacity, and efficiency.

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