Greenply innovation: zero-emission products

Showing care and responsibility towards the environment and its stakeholders is one of the key brand ethos of Greenply, and the organisation has been regularly undertaking various initiatives for it, be it product innovation on zero emission (E-0) or programmes on health and wellbeing for its stakeholders.

The E-0 product innovation of Greenply is also largely directed towards health and wellbeing of the carpenters and contractors. As they spent most of the time with plywood during its application for interiors, the community is exposed to harmful emission gases from the material and are prone to various health hazards.

The E-0 plywood provides safety to the community by reducing formaldehyde emission to zero. The E-0 innovation has reached over 1 million households, and Greenply continues to build on the awareness amongst its stakeholder through multiple touch points.

As an effort towards environment sustainability, Greenply has successfully acquired the Forest Management certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) for its plantations in Tizit, Nagaland.



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