Piergiorgio Pozzo on ‘dynamic’ saw blade balance

Construzioni Meccaniche Tommassino (CMT) is a 61-year-old leading Italian manufacturer and exporter of woodworking tools. In the year 2020, CMT set up a new factory in Udine to manufacture saw blades. Dhananjay Sardeshpande recently caught up with Piergiorgio Pozzo, founder of Freud Tools, designer of the Diablo saw blade line, and now head of CMT’s saw blades division in Italy. Excerpts:

Can you tell us briefly about CMT, its production facilities, and the distribution system across the world?

My name is CMT Orange Tools, I am the brand name of a dynamic Italian company which I am proud to tell you about. I was born in 1962, thanks to the initiative of my creator and company founder, Osvaldo Tommassini.

In 1991 and 1997, my two brothers (Bit and Blade) were born and, following them, many others. Orange by birth, together we make a great team and are synonymous with quality!

Today, after much hard work, our name has gone global – so much so that our photo is registered in Trademark offices around the world. Present in 90 countries around the world, our family has grown, the result of undying enthusiasm and above all, the colour orange!

Today we produce our bits and blades in Italy in two different plants with 230 workers. Over the years we have continuously invested in the latest technology in CNC machining equipment and innovative software to manufacture our tools.

It is said that there are more than 7,000 products that CMT manufactures. What is the range of woodworking tools that are on offer?

We produce in Italy all saw blades, tools with bores, router bits, cutters and chucks, dowel drills and boring bits – and we partner with the market leader to offer jig and recip saw blades, multi-cutters and hole saws.

Since inception, CMT has been making considerable investments in the most advanced technology in CNC machine equipment, as well as patents. Can you tell us more about that?

In the last 3 years, CMT has invested in the ultimate technology for CNC machines. We invested 25 million Euros in saw blade production and 10 million Euros in router and drill bits, consolidating our leadership in woodworking tools manufacturing.

Can you explain CMT’s patented ‘dynamic balancing’ of saw blades? What are its benefits?

This system allows for extremely accurate dynamic balancing of the blade, several orders of magnitude above and beyond that which is currently available in the marketplace.

Each blade undergoes rigorous assessment and only if micro imbalance is detected will the appropriate correction holes be applied. You may find up to five micro-balancing holes on your blade, depending on the degree of micro imbalance.

This translates to precise cutting, longer blade life, reduced vibration and noise, and less wear and tear on your machine components.

Which of your products have been introduced in India? What are their applications?

Last month we introduced in India the new CMT DPX panel-sizing saw blades which are the best panel-sizing saw blades available in the market. Our blade outperforms German and Japanese blades by two times, and other standard blades by four times. It is really a game-changer in panel sizing applications on melamine, chipboard and MDF materials.

Are there plans to introduce more products in the India market? If so, what products and over what timeline?

We are developing new winning tools for boring applications able to reach one million bores. These new drills should be available within the next few months.

What is your assessment of the Indian market potential? How is your collaboration with Total Tools and Equipments progressing?

Our partnership with Total Tools goes back to the early 2000s. Over the last 25 years, we have established a strong foothold in the market by listening to our customers’ needs and developing tools that meet their demands.

We work closely with Total Tools to provide top-class re-grinding services, which enhance the tools’ lifespan and reduce costs for our customers. Total Tools has established a network of 14 service centres all over the country. Thanks to our efforts, we have built a loyal customer base of more than 1,000 furniture companies all over India.

In the market, what sets Total-CMT Italy’s TCT saw blades apart from others?

CMT produces saw blades using high-quality steel, special grades of carbides, and cutting-edge technology for tempering, brazing, balancing and coating. Our saw blades undergo rigorous in-house testing that simulates real-world scenarios to ensure top-quality performance under demanding conditions.

How is the new Chrome Total-CMT panel saw different to standard chrome blades?

CMT is renowned for manufacturing top-notch saw blades with chrome coating. Our in-house coating plant ensures that we provide a consistently high-quality coating. Our chrome coated blades have a up to 20% longer lifespan compared to ordinary chrome-coated blades.

Does CMT offer economical tooling for its customers?

There are situations where a tool is required for a one-time use, or where the precision of the cut and the durability of the tool are not of utmost importance. With these factors in mind, we launched our Contractor series a few years ago. These tools are priced competitively while still significantly superior to Chinese-made tools.

Towards reducing the carbon footprint of tool manufacturing, what steps has CMT implemented in its factories?

Climate change is the defining issue of our time. At CMT we are taking serious actions to minimise environmental impacts, such as the use of recycled materials for our packaging, use of electricity produced by renewable sources, buying raw materials from carbon-footprint-certified suppliers, and drastic waste reduction in each stage of the manufacturing process.

CMT is represented in India by Mumbai-based Total Tools & Equipments. For more information, visit



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