UV-cured wood coatings from ICA Pidilite

ICA Pidilite’s wood finishes are developed in its labs for cutting-edge acrylic, polyester, poly-acrylic, and water-based UV coating solutions.

ICA Pidilite, has established itself as the industry leader, and the preferred choice for enhancing the beauty and durability of wooden surfaces, from cabinet doors to modular furnishings.

The company’s research and development labs lead in formulating cutting-edge products, emphasising acrylic, polyester, polyacrylic, and water-based UV coating solutions.

These coatings not only pass rigorous application and instrumental tests but also fulfil clients’ needs for high-quality, productive and eco-friendly options.

It provides a  diverse range of products to meet the furniture industry demand, catering to various UV curing technologies such as spray coating, roller coating, and curtain coating.

Overcoming previous technical constraints, ICA Pidilite has successfully introduced water-based UV coatings for gloss topcoats, now part of their topcoat range. These coatings boast exceptional brilliance, distension and brushability, meeting the contemporary coating demands of the furniture industry.

The polishable acrylic gloss UV coatings are suitable for roller, spray and curtain-coater applications, offering high brilliance and coverage for transparent and pigmented gloss cycles. They allow for defect-free surfaces through the opportunity to polish the gloss coating.

UV coatings are formulated for flat panels made of wood, MDF, and chipboard, applied with the calender coating insert (CCI) system to achieve gloss and ultra-matte surfaces with a high degree of superficial perfection.

Utilising Excimer lamps, the S-matt UVX and UVAX water-based coatings create extra-opaque surfaces with exceptional chemical-physical properties. Compared to conventional UV lamps, Excimer lamps produce softer and more uniform surfaces, demonstrating advancements in coating technology.

ICA Pidilite’s revolutionary BIO range of water-based UV coatings, developed with utmost respect for the environment and end-user health and safety, mirrors the properties of fossil-derived equivalents. These coatings excel in hardness, chemical resistance, light resistance and processability.

Coatings formulated for drying with LED and LED-UV lamps provide efficient curing for high-pigment products, while UV coatings for edges and borders offer good adhesion on MDF, chipboard and wood species, designed for flat and moulded edges and borders, applicable by roller, vacuum coater, or with the inert coating system.

For on-site applications, simple-to-use UV coatings, applicable by spraying or brushing, combined with UV technology and a dedicated portable unit, ensure short drying times and immediate handling after UV exposure.



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