Bacci’s ultimate machining for chairs, beds

Bacci’s Master is a robust, six axes, gantry-based CNC machine renowned for its precision and productivity.

Paolino Bacci, the Italian manufacturer of woodworking machinery, is introducing a new line of CNC machining centers with diverse applications, spanning furniture production, musical instrument crafting, sports equipment manufacturing and more.

In the forefront of Bacci’s offerings is the Master, a robust, six axes, gantry-based CNC machine renowned for its precision and productivity in machining various components. It boasts of unparalleled versatility, allowing for extensive customisation options, including innovative locking systems.

TGV machining center features six interpolated axes, showcases a sturdy gantry frame ideal for machining a wide array of elements such as chairs, tables, beds, musical instruments and molds.

Its variable geometry tables, a patented Bacci innovation, consist of rigid steel rails with adjustable spacing, ensuring durability, precision, and compatibility with vacuum suction systems.

The TGV-type steel rails can also accommodate the Free-Jig device, another Bacci patent, which facilitates the loading of curved elements without intricate jigs, thanks to adjustable and tiltable clamps. The Free-Jig device is also equipped with pop-up reference stops.

The TGV-type steel tables offer versatility by integrating a numerically controlled turning lathe device for interpolated 5-axes lathing work, available in various sizes to suit different machining needs.

Bakelite tables provide an alternative surface for vacuum clamping, complemented by mechanical fixing options and customisable dimensions. Mechanical fixing is also available through M8 holes placed 50-mm c/c distance. The supporting structure is made of steel to ensure its rigidity and levelness.

Bacci’s offerings are represented in India by Jovas Tech Solutions, which provides sales and after-sales services, along with consultancy for turnkey projects, installation and training services.



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