Leitz has solutions in ‘New Dimensions’

: Leitz’s ProfilCut Q-Plus Premium is the fastest profile tool system in the industry, achieving cutting speeds of up to 120 metres per second.

At IndiaWood 2024, Leitz will showcase some of its key capabilities and innovative tool systems for every requirement. This is in keeping with its tagline of offering ‘Solutions in New Dimensions’.

Leitz offers sawing with consistently high machining quality, even at high feed rates. Its saw blades with ultra-fine tungsten carbide-grade tips (RazorCut-Plus) and poly-crystalline diamond tips (PCD), such as WhisperCut-Plus, are wear-resistant and particularly suitable for sizing panels in batch size 1 production, achieving high tool life.

Its edge processing, using PCD-tipped cutters, increase productivity and longer tool life. Leitz offers new DT Premium compact hoggers and Diamaster EdgeExpert jointing and pre-milling cutters, which give perfect quality on the edge and cutting surface.

Leitz also offers profiling with customised solutions for every requirement, in carbide and diamond cutting edges, with one-way and re-sharpenable continuous systems.

It offers the fastest profile tool system in the industry with the ProfilCut Q-Plus Premium, achieving cutting speeds of up to 120 metres per second, with ShrinkFit clamping systems overcoming limits of conventional tool clamping.

For routing, Leitz uses solid tungsten carbide routers with Marathon coating for reduced working steps and PCD router bits which are capable of greater feed, maintaining perfect machining quality and considerably longer tool life.

For boring, Leitz uses tools such as solid tungsten carbide spiral drills with optimal chip ejection for precise drilling even on sloping surfaces, which offer up to 50% higher feed rates and clean hole edges.

Tools with hybrid technology combine two cutting materials, reducing wear in the cutting edges enormously. This reduces costs significantly when machining composites, glue joints and abrasive coatings.

Leitz has “smart tools” with integrated memory chips – which contain important geometrical and technological data such as length, speed and direction of rotation of tools.

It incorporates RFID transponders or DataMatrix codes for reading serial number of tools on a production line automatically for networked communication.

In addition, Leitz offers customised tools from its state-of-art manufacturing centre in Bengaluru to meet specific customer requirements, and service and application engineering support to help customers identify the most optimal solutions to meet their requirements, as it continues to ‘Shape the Future’.

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