Resource efficiency, value creation by Weinig

The leading technology provider for solid wood and panel processing, Weinig and Holz-Her, presented their innovations at Ligna in Hanover, under the motto ‘Weinig offers more’.

Weinig responded to the shortage of skilled labour, the rising cost of resources and the need for digitisation with modular, highly efficient solutions that are suitable for any size of business – from small shops to industrial enterprises.

“The solid wood division of the Weinig Group now forms a strong team together with the systems specialist HIT. Our customers find competent advice for the entire value chain, from the sawmill to products for constructive woodworking,” emphasised Gregor Baumbusch, CEO of the Weinig Group.

The stall at Ligna provided detailed demonstrations of how companies are using digital solutions to build secure networked production because networked machines are more than the sum of their individual components.

Specific apps can be used to measure and improve overall equipment efficiency, and further relieve the burden on skilled personnel through efficient production control or push notifications.

The Weinig Control Suite is Weinig’s central system control technology for intelligent production. For the first time at Ligna, Weinig presented how virtual part tracking with the Control Suite can be checked against reality without the need for additional part identification such as a barcode.

The wood in the system is identified at the infeed via OptiTrack, a newly developed software with integrated AI technology. The open, modular software architecture of the Weinig Control Suite enables automated and smart control of small systems up to complete CLT factories.

The cross-cut finger jointing line consisted of a robot with a vacuum unit that stacked boards onto the line. These are then assessed using the CombiScan Sense scanner with AI technology, and the identified defects are cut out by an OptiCut 450 Quantum, the world’s fastest high-speed cross-cut saw.

The gluing press consisted of the ProfiPress C 2500 HF, a world first in solid wood processing. The wood lamellae are glued to create panels in a continuous process. A fast, high-frequency heating system heats the wood, operating continuously and producing cost-efficiently with maximum throughput.



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