Wandres’ hybrid solution defeats fine dust

Wandres GmbH, a specialist in micro-cleaning technology, has developed an effective hybrid cleaning solution to combat fine sanding dust in 24/7 industrial production. Traditional cleaning methods, such as round brushes, often struggle with large quantities of fine dust, leading to unstable results and reduced long-term process reliability.

The Tornado Channel TKR 200 serves as the core of this hybrid cleaning system, installed at the in-feed. It utilises air-assisted cleaning with a set of rotating compressed air nozzles positioned just above the product surface.

These nozzles expel compressed air at high speeds, detaching sanding dust seamlessly across the entire width of the channel.  The removed dust is instantly extracted.

At the out-feed, a Power Sword brush, equipped with two linear brushes takes over utilising the proven Ingromat method. These brushes, lightly moistened with Ingromat cleaning agent, effectively remove any remaining particles from the panel surface.

The self-cleaning unit of the Power Sword brushes ensures constant high-performance cleaning effects, unlike traditional round brushes that face clogging over time.

Adjusting to the specific cleaning requirements depends on factors such as surface structure, pre-treatment, primer coat and throughput speed.  The technology centre at Wandres facilitates cleaning demonstrations using sample products to predict individual cleaning results accurately.

The narrow footprint of the machine allows easy integration into existing production lines.  Differences in cleaning quality become evident, especially when applying ultra-thin paint layers.

The innovative technology prevents flaws such as trapped particles and broken paint skin, resulting in cost-effective coating processes with mirror-like shine and high-gloss surface effects.

The Combi Sword brushes, combining air-assisted and brush-cleaning technology, have proven successful in wood and furniture coating processes in industrial production. Deploying the Tornado Channel and Power Sword brushes reduces particle-related reject rates and allows for minimised coating thickness, particularly beneficial for high-gloss surfaces.

This not only improves product quality but also leads to cost savings on paint and coating materials, enhancing operational efficiencies by preventing unnecessary downtime. The technology’s positive impact extends to the working conditions in the production environment, as fewer dust particles are present.

The hybrid solution provides a cost-effective and reproducible manufacturing method for furniture panels, cabinet doors, and drawer fronts with exceptional surface finishes.

For more information, visit, or contact the India  representative Shreepal Green Futures Pvt. Ltd.



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