Woodtech’s top door-making solutions

The KHM – 560P is a CNC four-sided cutting machine for doors, where all four sides of the door are handled simultaneously in one go. This machine is equipped with four sets of sawing units for sizing on all four sides of the door.

It is also equipped with six sets of vacuum pads for positioning and holding doors in place.

It is a fully PC-controlled operating machine with an optional barcode scanner that can read and size the door accordingly. It can also be integrated into the automatic line for continued operations.


The KHM-606 is a more versatile machine for door operations and can process lock mortising, keyhole and handle hole machining on the doors in one go.  As it has an open body, we can rotate the door in all four directions and do any kind of operations on all four edges of the doors.

This machine can also do hinge recess for doors and grooving for concealed door closer and do grooving for drop down seal for the bottom of the door and is the most economical and versatile machine for door processing. 


The C-400 is a universal 5-function combination machine most suitable for any carpentry work. This machine has five functions: wide surface cleaning, thickness cleaning, panel saw, spindle moulder and mortising.

It is the most powerful combination machine with an independent motor for each operation. This machine has heavy power and precision and is an all-in-one machine for any kind of carpentry work.



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