New nesting solutions from Biesse

Biesse is launching its new Rover AS FT machine at DelhiWood 2023. It is a nesting machine that sports blistering positioning speeds and rivals beam saw production levels.

It is the machining centre for nesting operations, and is a high-performance machine that is compact and efficient and designed to evolve the production process to obtain top performance and productivity results.

With a gantry structure, it offers top-of-the-range technology and guarantees optimum precision in every machining operation. It enables users to achieve a finished, fully-machined product with a single machine.

In today’s manufacturing environment, speed is of the essence. Speed, accuracy, and efficiency: these are three key drivers behind production efficiency. With this in mind, a brand-new version of the tried and trusted Rover A FT CNC flatbed machine has been developed.

It has an extremely robust and well-balanced structure, designed to handle demanding machining requirements without compromising on product quality. The gantry structure with dual X motors is designed to increase precision and reliability standards for the execution of machining operations.

The reinforced transmission guides lend the machine greater rigidity, boosting the level of precision and machining quality. Higher motor power increases acceleration up to 4 metres per second and speed up to 105 metres per minute, minimising waiting and reducing cycle times.


Unique work tables

All Biesse FT tables can use the multi-zone technology that concentrates the vacuum in the locking areas, corresponding to the format of the most commonly loaded panel.

Today, two types of nesting table are available, based on different technologies, depending on the application and the end products are the FT PLUS and HFT.



FT Plus allows Biesse clamps to be used to hold solid wood elements or complex small pieces. The extensiveness and increase in payload provide maximum flexibility across machining operations. (Available on sizes 2231 and 2243).

The high vacuum of the HFT (high flow table) flow rate renders the work table ideal for machining operations on sheets with automatic loading and unloading.

The vacuum modules can be directly positioned on the support panel and the modules can be quickly and easily used, even without the auxiliary vacuum system, without compromising the hold on the panel.


Operating units

Biesse uses the same high-tech components for all machines in its products range. The electro-spindle boring head and aggregates are designed and manufactured for Biesse by HSD, the global leader in this sector.

It has electro-spindles for every application – up to 19.2-kW HSD liquid-cooled with automatic tool change HSK F63 1,000-24,000 rpm are available on the machine.

Tool change magazines with a total of up to 28 spaces are also available. All tools and aggregates are available at all times, removing the need for operator intervention for tooling when switching from one machining operation to the next.

There is also an easy access to the tool magazine and working unit, leading to reduced machine downtime.

To reduce the tool change set-up time and the possibility of operator error, the Rover AS FT is equipped with a contact pre-setter, which automatically determines the length of the tool and stores in the tool database.

The machine can be configured with pendulum functionality to alternately process panels. This allows for loading or unloading during machining operations.

It can be offered with configurations to suit any type of production requirement: standalone, with loading and complete nesting-based cells.


In nesting-based cells, loading and unloading operations are carried out simultaneously, allowing the operator to remove completed components from the unloading station with utmost safety, while the machine is already processing the next panel.

The standard pushing system, with the loading pallet positioned close to the machine, ensures compact overall dimensions on the ground. The pallet with automatic labelling allows the stack of material to be replaced while the machine is working.


Rover AS FT can be integrated with the Winstore automatic storage that optimises management of panels. It ensures that the panels to be machined are easily accessible at all times, so it is possible to substantially increase cell productivity compared to manual loading methods using a forklift truck, without frequent stack changes.

Biesse machines are designed to enable operators to work in complete safety thanks to the new bumpers combined with photocells with no footprint or mechanical wear.

LED bar with five colours, showing the machine status in real time, allowing the operator to check the machine status at any point, and ensuring maximum visibility of the working unit from any position.


Single software

B_Solid is a 3D CAD/CAM software program that supports the perfor¬mance of any machining operation as a result of the vertical modules designed for specific manufacturing processes.

It simulates machining operations to visualise the piece ahead of manufacturing and have some guidance for the planning phase. Virtual prototyping of the piece helps to avoid collisions and ensure optimal machine equipment. The simulation also allows for a calculation of the execution time.


B_Nest is the B_Suite plugin specifically for nesting operations allowing the organisation of the nesting projects in a simple way, reducing the material waste and machining time. Its advantages include:

•        Flexibility with reduced production times and costs

•        Optimisation for every type of product

•        Management of articles, sheets and labels

•        Integration with company software

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