Greenlam releasing new plywood collection

Greenlam Industries, a leading company in the wood panel industry, will be unveiling its expansive range of products at the exhibition. It will showcase their latest collection of products from all categories, which includes decorative laminates and compacts, decorative veneers, real wood floors and doors – and also the newly launched plywood collection.

The layout and design of the booth are meticulously crafted to provide visitors with an immersive experience, allowing them to explore the diverse product range in an engaging and interactive manner.

The strategic placement of product displays, interactive installations, and information kiosks ensures that every square meter of the booth is utilized effectively to convey Greenlam’s brand narrative.

The company’s participation at the expo signifies a strategic move to showcase innovation and unveil its newly launched products. Its commitment to excellence, sustainability, and cutting-edge technology is evident in every aspect of its participation, making it a must-visit destination for industry professionals and enthusiasts attending the exhibition in Bengaluru.




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