Goodtek planer is suitable for wood, non-metals

Taiwanese company Goodtek Machinery is a  specialised manufacturer of heavy-duty double-surface planers. In addition to standard equipment, it also produces a variety of equipment for such as spiral cutter heads, digital positioning controllers (digital readout) and more.

The defining characteristics of its products are that they are heavy cut, high efficiency and suitable for processing huge amounts of wood. The machines also offer flexible   feed-in equipment which can change the timber from curved to straight and are suitable for any type of furniture manufacturing.

The company supplies meticulously prepared and parallel surfaces for great follow-up processing and can provide machines suitable for integrated raw materials in preparing material processing.

Its double surface planer, GT-635ARD, is suitable for not only wood, but also non-metals such as PVC, Bakelite, plastics, graphite and others.   (



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