TWMA steps into smart woodworking

Taiwan’s Woodworking Machinery Association (TWMA) is actively committed to expanding its export market, leading its member manufacturers into emerging markets and vigorously promoting high-quality ‘Made in Taiwan’ woodworking machinery.

The TWMA not only assists member manufacturers in obtaining the ISO9001 certification but also provides support in developing Industry 4.0 architecture and establishing intelligent automated production lines to further enhance their international competitiveness.

Taiwanese woodworking machinery is renowned for its outstanding quality and technological innovation and primarily exports to the top five global markets:

the United States, China, Canada, Vietnam and Germany. These woodworking machines deliver excellent performance and quality as well as maintaining reasonable and competitive prices.

Manufacturers, while pursuing high-quality products, also emphasize effective cost management to ensure that customers receive value for their investments.

The outstanding cost-to-performance ratio of Taiwanese woodworking machinery makes it the preferred choice for a wide range of customers. Whether companies

are focusing on advanced technology or reliable quality, they can find products which meet their needs within an affordable price range in Taiwan.

Taiwan’s woodworking machinery industry is also advancing towards intelligent automation. This evolution enhances operational efficiency while also propelling Taiwan’s woodworking machinery manufacturing technology towards even greater innovation. 



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