Where Altendorf precision matches creativity

The Altendorf machine helped improve accuracy, reduce waste and increase production capacity.

A Bengaluru-based woodworking shop, Loyora, specialises in crafting hand-made wooden toys for children. Seeking to improve efficiency and precision in their manufacturing process, it decided to invest in an Altendorf WA8T panel saw.

Loyora aimed to enhance its toy-making process by using the Altendorf machine to improve accuracy, reduce waste and increase production capacity.

Loyora’s design team creates digital designs for various wooden toys using CAD software. The designs are then translated into cutting patterns that optimise material usage.

Quality wood sections, or sheets of plywood, or MDF boards are selected for toy production. These sections/ sheets are loaded onto the Altendorf machine’s cutting table.

The Altendorf machine’s precision cutting capabilities allow for accurate cuts according to the predetermined patterns. The operator uses the machine’s calibrated fences to set the desired dimensions and angles for each cut.

Some wooden toys have intricate/ complex shapes and angles. The Altendorf machine’s tilting saw blade and adjustable fence allow for precise bevel cuts and angled edges, enabling the creation of complex toy parts.

The WA8T panel saw’s precision and optimisation features minimise material wastage. Loyora experiences reduced scrap and more efficient use of wood sheets, leading to cost savings over time.

Speed+ accuracy

The speed and accuracy of the Altendorf machine lead to increased production capacity. Loyora can now produce more toys within a shorter time frame, meeting customer demands more effectively.

After cutting, the wooden toy parts are sanded, finished and assembled manually by the skilled craftsmen at Loyora. The parts fit together seamlessly due to the precise cuts from the Altendorf machine.

Loyora experienced several positive outcomes after integrating the Altendorf panel saw into their toy-making process. The accuracy of the cuts improved, resulting in better-fitting toy parts.

Loyora successfully leveraged the Altendorf WA8T panel saw to enhance its toy-making process. The precision, efficiency and flexibility offered by the machine contributed to improved product quality and reduced waste, and increased customer satisfaction.



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