Teknob Aquatop makes debut in India

Teknos, the 69-year-old Finnish company, is one of the largest family-owned businesses in that country. It is a global coatings manufacturer and one of the leading suppliers of industrial coatings with a strong position in retail and architectural coatings.

It offers a wide range of paints and coatings for the manufacturing industry, building professionals and consumers. In early 2010, Teknos was approached to supply an industrial wood coating system for factory-coated Accoya timber cladding, for a prestigious construction in Pune.

It was to be the first of its kind for the company and posed several challenges. “It was the first project in India for factory-coated cladding,” said Mr. Mark Hubbert, Business Support and Development Manager at Teknos. “It also was the first such project in India for Accoya and Teknos and involved several rounds of technical discussions with all the stakeholders.”

Right choice

The challenges ranged from average rainfalls between 800-3000 mm per year, two to three times the solar radiation of Northern Europe and very high traffic and dust pollution. After tests, Teknos’ Aquatop 2600 system on Accoya gave very good indications that the product would perform well in this climate and the project was given the green signal.

Aquatop, the water-based exterior topcoat that was eventually identified for the job, is normally used for wooden windows, doors, conservatories and leisure buildings. It is extremely effective for external application on softwood and hardwood and the application is by air-assisted airless spray, brush or roller.

The application of the coating gives a flexible, durable, microporous protective film to the wood and makes it resistant to bacterial, mould and UV attack. It dries quickly and resists blocking on storage and stacking.

Three sheen levels are available in clean white, and also in a wide range of satin translucent and opaque colours.

Later that year, after setting up the application area and training the spray applicators, the Teknos coated Accoya cladding boards were supplied to the construction site. The concern remained that coated timber would not perform well in external exposure conditions in India and recoating after 8 to 12 months would be necessary.

Technology validation

However, Teknos was confident that a combination of a highly durable coating system and the excellent dimensional stability of Accoya would ensure good results.

On inspection after more than three years, some areas of mechanical damage were evident; but even in these areas there is no progressive coating breakdown due to moisture ingress or degradation of the cladding.

The original translucent colour remained, with very little difference in colour shade between the boards exposed to the highest amounts of solar energy and those areas shaded from the sun.

All these issues could be expected with traditional Indian coating systems and timber substrates. Both Teknos and Accsys Technologies, manufacturers of Accoya, were extremely upbeat with the performance of their products.

“After more than three years we can clearly state that the promise has been delivered,” noted Mark.



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