FeMaTec makes PUR glue dispensing easy

The FeMaTec PUR bag melter (L) and the innovative slot nozzle (R) on a Homag edge bander.

Most quality-conscious furniture manufacturers understand the benefit of using PUR adhesive for edge banding; but the complexity and hassles involved in its use becomes a big deterrent for them.

Shreepal Group took up the challenge of providing an affordable solution to this problem by introducing a completely sealed system from FeMaTech of Germany. The system consists of three parts: a melter, a specially designed hose and a slot nozzle, which is at the heart of the entire system.

The slot nozzle is a device which replaces the conventional glue pot and glue roller in the edge banding machine. As the name suggests, it is a nozzle with a very narrow slot.

PUR glue is dispensed from the slot and applied on the panel edge by wiping action. The amount of glue being applied is precisely controlled by the system, ensuring an almost invisible glue line and economy of operation.

The slot nozzle is activated through a calibrated sensor, which ensures that the nozzle opens only when the glue needs to be dispensed. It remains closes at all other times. This prevents the moisture in the air from reacting with the glue, thus eliminating the possibility of premature polymerisation and possible choking of the system.

The nozzle can be seamlessly adjusted up to 60-mm panel thickness. The beauty of the system is that it can be retrofitted on any through-feed edge banding machine without requiring any major modification.

Shreepal has a trained team of engineers to install and service the equipment. The operation is through a simple touch-screen control which is easy to understand and highly user-friendly.

All in all, the FeMaTech slot nozzle system is a perfect and simple solution to the complexity of using PUR adhesive for edge banding.



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