Pole Barn, where exquisite, mouth-watering slabs are stored on site.

A file photograph of George Nakashima. “Hours spent by a true craftsmen in bringing out the grain, which has long been imprisoned in the truck of the tree, is an act of creation in itself. he passes his hand over the satiny texture and finds god within,” he is quoted as saying.

Divider: Conoid room divider.

This desk has a file drawer on one side and a cross-legged base on the other.

A Minguren coffee table supports a top up to 60 inches long. This one is made from English Oak burl top and base.

The three-legged variation on a Shaker theme, built for Mira in 1950, is still popular.

Conoid slab benches, first made in the 1960s, are designed individually to the boards selected.

It was George’s dream to provide ‘Altars of Peace’ for each of the seven continents on earth. Two of them are in New York City and Moscow. A third table, built and sent to India in 1996, has found a permanent home in the Unity Pavilion of the ‘City of Peace’ in Auroville, Puducherry.

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