Powder that gives plywood the edge!

Richfill Wood Putty is a highly effective and high-strength wood putty useful for wooden furniture manufacturers to fill gaps and cracks in wood. Richfill Crack Filler, Richfill Calibrated Filler and Richfill Glue Absorber are the other premium brands useful for plywood manufacturers.

The company will now be introducing their new product, Richfill Edge Coat, that beautifies the edge and gives plywood its natural beauty. Normally plywood manufacturers use distemper, dipping water or varnish to beautify the edge, but the colour fades fast and it creates a patchy look.

Richfill Edge Coat is a concentrated colour powder, which gives a natural look to the edge of plywood. The colours are most durable for plywood and they are very easy to apply.

It is a water-based powder and is user-friendly. The solution making procedure is simple; by adding water according to the desired shade, a paint-like solution can be made.

This solution can be sprayed on the edge of plywood, to get a natural, gurjan-like brown colour. To highlight the edges of the plywood and make them stand out, this premium quality product is an ideal choice and the best colour coat for the plywood edge. 

Visit the Richwood stall at DelhiWood 2023 (Hall 9, Booth No: J115)



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