Homag’s new SawTeq O-100 for ambitious workshops

Small-scale woodworking companies use sliding table panel saws for cutting. When their business starts growing, they start adding more sliding table saws to improve production. It’s no surprise that around 2,500 sliding table saws are sold in India every year.

Sliding table saw (or panel saw) comes with multiple limitations. It needs three skilled operators, depending on their skill level and material to be worked on. Moreover, only around 40 to 50 boards can be cut per shift.

Adding more panel saw machines requires more space, more rental for factory space, bigger bank loans, and more electricity charge (plus for compressed air and dust extraction).

It also means you need to hire more skilled machine operators, rising manual errors, increased off-cut materials, inconsistent quality, and safety issues & steep increase in indirect overheads.

Buying a fully automatic beam saw, which costs around five times that of a panel saw, does not make economic sense for small-scale woodworking shops because most of their customers are from the middle-class segment looking for quality furniture at a reasonable price. The scarcity of skilled CNC machine operators makes the problem worse.

Homag India has introduced SawTeq O-100 to address this growing industry-level challenge, which is highly suitable for ambitious woodworking shops.  The panel dividing saw is equipped with everything needed for cutting single panels and small batches.

It costs hardly more than a well-equipped sliding table saw while providing a much more precise and efficient cutting process with semi-skilled operators.

A clear material flow around the saw and material handling working at the saw further increases the capacity. In addition, digital assistants help the operator optimise the entire cutting process in terms of quality, quantity and sustainability.

Salient features

•        Ergonomic design saves time, space & enables safe operation.

•        Processing of a stack of two boards at once enables high productivity with precision, cutting quality & angular accuracy.

•        Low maintenance costs as the design has very few wear & tears parts.

•        Automatic cutting feed: only 2 operators are required.

•        Strong & efficient suction in the saw carriage for good dust extraction.

•        Cutting production set for optimised digital assistance (optional)

•        Smooth movement by air table & perfect measurement by DRO.

The saw can easily handle book cuts (multiple sheets up to 60 mm). With the ‘Cutting Production Set’ the digitalisation also for smaller businesses can be realised. The topics of cash-flow issues – such as in too many off-cuts and waste – can be reduced by the optimisation algorithm in the set.

The air tables create a smooth gliding of the sheets in the front, the DRO (digital read out) at the angular fences make the measuring perfectly accurate, the communication between operator and helper is easy and both routinely split the workload. Stacking the final parts on pallets or in collecting trollies defines the next process step.

All Homag sales and service members are qualified to train the customer and workers on how to use the machine, organize the material flow in the factory (incl. factory layout design) and the machine handling flow. For more information, log on to Indiashop.homag.com.



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