Automatic production solution from Woodtech

As the woodworking industry keeps growing in India, the need for “smart furniture” manufacturing systems arises to meet the growing demand of panel-based furniture in India.

Such smart systems help increase productivity and bring down the cost of manufacturing.  In order to cope up with this demand, Woodtech has come up with an automatic smart furniture production system in a joint venture with its principal, Taiwan-based KDT’s MesEdge. This automatic production system is divided into five areas.

Cutting and nesting

To get panels to the accurate size in the cutting area, all the panels are brought from the central storage using a board sorting system. Panels can be cut using beam saws, but MesEdge employs automatic loading and unloading systems and automatic CNC routers. This makes cutting very fast, saving production time with better optimisation.

Edge banding

After cutting and nesting, the panels are conveyed to the edge banding machines through conveyors and robotic loading systems. Edge banding consists of different lines, with either two-side or four-side edge banding machines. The MesEdge saves on manpower and space and increases productivity. Edge banding costs can be brought down considerably.

Drilling area

Panels from the edge banding area are conveyed automatically to the drilling area, where multiple CNC drilling machines are set in one line with robotic feeding systems. By doing this the manpower requirement is reduced by 75% and space requirement by 40%, thereby increasing productivity. Flexible loading solutions can be proposed on the end of the project.

Sorting area

Since the number of panels being handled in each product is quite high, the need for a very intelligent handling system for sorting of panels is required. MesEdge uses a robotic sorting system which can accurately handle different panels at a time and get the right finish of the right product. This robotic sorting system can be customized, depending on the need of the product, and is fully automatic.

Packaging area

From the robotic sorting line ready panels are taken through conveyor belts to the packing area and packed automatically, separately for each project or each product type. The entire line and packing machines can box the panels in one bow, thereby reducing manpower and avoiding manual errors.

Cloud control

This entire process is totally controlled by connecting the whole system to KDT’s quality control software, from where the entire operations can also be managed. This cloud control system also provides data on annual consumption, cycle time calculation, and real-time production output.

The software is also capable of energy consumption accounting and benefit analysis. All this data can be obtained any time from the cloud control system. It stores minute details of each of these lines and can be monitored individually from the cloud control system.

By adopting this automatic production solution, furniture manufacturers can reduce manpower and factory space; reduce manual errors and increase production output. This way they can also reduce the cost of manufacturing.



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