Resilient edge bands from Pegasus

The growing number of homes in urban and suburban across India, and the expanding market for modular furniture, is the driving force behind the continuous growth of edge band tapes in the domestic market.

PVC edge band is used in furniture making or repairing process to cover or conceal sharp or uneven edges and give a smoother finish to the product. It helps to protect furniture from damage and prevent injury to people, and also look chic and attractive.

Unipegasus Profiles has been a pioneer in North India in manufacturing and supplying premier quality, award-winning PVC edge band for the furniture industry. It boasts of a production capacity of 2.5 lakh metres per day, manufacturing a wide range of colours in Matt and in High Gloss finishes.

Its PVC edge bands are suitable for various applications and can increase the life cycle of the product. Unipegasus edge bands last for years without losing their colours. Other features:

•        Scratch and weather resistant;

•        Can be easily bent to suit product;

•        Rigid, reliable for all environments;

•        No uneven edges upon application:

•        Good adhesion to applied surface.

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