Precision turning from De-lux Udyog

De-lux Udyog is a manufacturer, exporter and supplier of gunmetal bushings, brass products, wood rod rounding machine, etc. Using the best and fully computerised technology, the company delivers precisely engineered components known for their durability and strength.


Rod rounding machine

This is a machine for the production of wooden bars/ sticks and is an automatic  rounding machine suitable  for mass production of  straight rods of any wood type, as well as plastic materials, with  diameters from 6-40mm and 6- 65 mm (depending on machine model: WRSM-40 or WRSM-65).

It is mainly used to mill square rods into round shapes, and round raw material to finished round shape (such as in bamboo), where minimum length to be fed should be 350 mm (maximum no bar).

With ease of operation, different diameters of round rods can be obtained by changing the cutterset for each size where the cutting tools (blades) as well as the feeder rollers remains the same for each size.

It is equipped with two electric motors, one for shaping and another for feeding. Larger diameter round rods can also be made as per requirement other than the standard options.

It achieves productivity of up to 10 metres per minute and can manufacture curtains rods, components for sport appliances such as stumps, walking sticks, rolling pins  and musical instruments, tables, chairs, furniture, handrails, staircases and semi-finished products.


Center-less sander for round rods

This machine is equipped with an abrasive belt that is suitable for sanding and finishing operations on straight parts with diameters of 4-100 mm having round section made of wood and metal.

The item rotates during working process and the machine is equipped with an automatic feed system, where the feeding speed can be varied by tilting the control wheel. It can also be equipped with a special attachment for feeding smaller diameter rods in a guided way.

Different diameters of round rods can be sanded by simply adjusting the control wheel without changing any parts. The abrasive belt can be replaced quickly by a single lever.

An additional purpose sanding area is provided at the rear for sanding any flat face or manual tasks of chamfering, as well as sanding at various angles by tilting the base plate at different degrees.

The abrasive belt size is 2000x150 mm and standard minimum length of job to be feed is 200 mm. It is equipped with two electric motors, one (1.5 kW) for abrasive belt and another (0.18 kW) for feeding.


Turning/cutting machine

This is a turning machine suitable for mass production of components of any wood type as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, with  diameters from 8-25 mm, 42mm and 60mm (depending on machine model: A-25, A-42, A-60).

Turning, drilling, chamfering, grooving and parting operations can be done easily, where the round, square or customised profile rod can be held quickly in the collet for each size and profile. Long rods as well as single pieces can be used for components’ production.

The designs are done by form tooling so the maximum length of job can be 100mm with extra attachment required for smaller diameter components; profile tooling is provided by the company as per customer’s requirements.

This machine is equipped with one electric motor and, if required, CNC automatic machine can be provided. All the collets used for gripping rods are as per Traub machine standards.



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