Cutting-edge security solutions from Godrej

As part of its Secure 4.0 initiative, Godrej Security Solutions has introduced an all-new range of lockers, called the Verge Series, in the personal locker category. It presents tastefully designed personal lockers, catering to users in search of stylish storage solutions to enhance their living spaces.

With children being early adopters of technology, it has also introduced a special range of digital and mechanical lockers for them, called The Dream Box range, to inculcate the habit of organising valuables.

In addition, it has unveiled an upgraded version of one of its leading home locker models, the Matrix, now available in a sophisticated premium coffee-brown hue, seamlessly blending elegance with functionality.

With the need for multiple locking mechanisms, the company has also introduced a new range of home lockers called NX Pro-Plus, which is equipped with mechanical and digital locking mechanisms to ensure effortless access for users of any generation in a family.

The brand has also come up with the NX Advance range with a triple-locking mechanism of electronic, mechanical and biometric locking systems for enhanced safety.

In the premises and electronic security solutions, Godrej has been instrumental with innovative product offerings like the anti-drone with battery, bollards, number plate recognition cameras, explosive vapour detector, E-fencing and more.

The company has also come up with a cutting-edge security system called the Smart Fog, to safeguard property and valuables from potential threats. A motion sensor detects break-ins and triggers the gas.

While the foggy conditions last for 30-40 minutes, the low visibility (<1 metre) causes burglars to abandon their plans!



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